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Season Opens September 1

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Dove Hunts

Mourning Dove

If you never have taken part in Ontario's fastest rising upland shooting, dove hunting, then you should. In Ontario we have excellent dove hunting which is "comparable to dove hunting in Texas". Not only is it a very relaxing and simplistic hunt but it is one of the most challenging of bird hunts.

Doves are speedy birds that will use an erratic flight that reaches 50mph to evade your shot. US Dove hunting studies reveal that it takes an average hunter several shots for every Dove downed They can make an excellent shooter look very average at times!. They are not very weather dependent so a sunny day is as good as a cold windy one. Not only are they fun to hunt but quite easy to clean and very delicious to eat. And what a way to train a new bird dog or refresh an older dog. Season runs September 1 to November 30.

Steel shot must be used and there is a limit of 15 birds per day per hunter.
Season Opens September 1


  • $300 per person
  • Price adjustment for small groups
  • Deposit plus HST required
  • Minimum 30 day refund cancellation policy

Awesome Dove Hunt

"Awesome dove hunt -- great fun" Kevin, Ottawa