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Waterfowl Hunts


If you want the ease of hunting ducks from a sitting/standing position on a dry field or beside a small pond/wethole located close to a large body of water then read on. We shoot mainly mallards, wood ducks, pintails, and blacks. The action can be fast and furious especially when large flocks drop in for a visit. We offer 1/2 day hunts only; however late in the season a full day is possible if prearranged.

And yes if geese are your choice we can definitely set your group up for a super hunt. At times afternoon duck or goose hunts can be just as good as mornings.

For either a duck or goose hunt small or large groups up to 6 are welcome.


  • $300 per person
    We supply the total package for your entire hunt.
  • Price adjustment for small groups
  • Deposit plus HST required
  • Minimum 30 day refund cancellation policy

a limit shoot --30 woodies

A limit shoot -- 30 woodies